Free Course in English!

Die Lösung für scheinbar Hoffnungsloses?

Free Course in English!

Here you can find all chapters of our course, completely in English. This course is entirely free of charge. By clicking on individual chapters, you will be taken directly to the corresponding article. Enjoy exploring!

Free Course of „Healing with Structures!“

“Hello I’m Kai and I welcome you to our website. Healing with structures is an innovative and promising healing method but its basic principle should be understood. To this end I have created a special free course for you. This course will teach you step by step how ‘healing with structures’ works.

To start the exciting path of your apprenticeship completely free of charge you will find a button below that will take you directly to the first lesson of our course. There you’ll find a carefully designed mix of text and video to make learning as enjoyable and effective as possible.

In any lesson that includes an A.I. video you can be sure that the information in the video will match the text. This gives you the freedom to choose how you want to learn: you can read through the text or just sit back and enjoy the video while absorbing the same valuable content in an engaging and visual way.

We wish you a lot of fun and inspiring moments on your learning journey. Your adventure in healing with structures begins now – with just one click.
Have fun!”

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Part I – Introduction to Healing with Structures

In the first part you will first learn something about this unique and revolutionary healing method. It comes from Switzerland and was tested and adapted by a parapsychologist over several years. Even if this healing method can be groundbreaking, we cannot make any promises of healing. Either way, that would not be in our interest and would violate our mission statement and ethical compass.

1.1 Our Healing Method

1.2 Benefits for Participants

Part II – What are structures?

In the second part you will first learn something about structures. What are natural and unnatural structures? Recognizing the difference is incredibly important…

What is a Structure?

2.2 What is an energetic structure?

2.3 Our definition of a subtle structure is as follows!

2.4 Natural or Unnatural Structural Forms

2.5 Natural, Subtle, and Positive …

2.6 Unnatural, Subtle, and Negative …

2.7 Natural vs. Unnatural – Who Decides?

2.8 Definition and Characteristics

2.9 Frequency of Love and Hate

Part III – Consequences and Influencing Factors of a Structure

In the third part you will learn about the influencing factors of negative structures and what is very important is that structures always require carrier energy. It’s good that this free course exists, otherwise you would never be able to gain knowledge of all these experiences and impressions.

3.1 The Consequences of unnatural, negative …

3.2 Factors Influence the Formation of Structures

3.3 Structures always need to be a carrier energy

Part IV – Impacts on the Environment

In the fourth part you will learn about the influences and thus the effects on the environment.

What forms of structures exist in our world?

4.2 Structures and their Influence on the Environment, People …

4.3 Relationship between structures and energetic harmony

Part V – Where do we encounter structures?

In the fifth part you will get to know the places and circumstances where we can all encounter structures. Be it earthly, material, physical or in higher frequencies such as the aura or chakras. What about the soul?

Earthly, material Plane

5.2 Encounters with Structures in everyday Life

Physical Plane

5.4 Negative Structures in the human Body

Higher Vibrating Level

5.6 Structures in Aura, Chakras …

Part VI – Neutralizing energies

In the sixth part you may learn whether it is better to neutralize, destroy or banish structures. No, sorry, but this part of the free course remains…

6.1 Neutralize Energies

Part VII – Areas of application and practical examples

In the seventh part you will learn about areas of application and practical examples of the revolutionary healing method “Healing with Structures”. These examples are of course not exhaustive, but must suffice for the free course for now.

Important advantage

7.2 Positive thinking alone is not enough

7.3 Karma is one of those things

Possible applications of …

Treatment errors

7.6 Emotional and psychological challenges

7.7 Spiritual development cannot be forced as many people would like!

Relationships and social interactions

Professional performance and creativity

7.10 Environment and living space

Application examples

The Topic of Freedom

Key experiences

7.14 Anxiety attacks after hypnosis

Poor sleep – bad dreams

Magical Practices

Weak nerves

Energy theft


Bad luck and misfortunes

Energetic incongruence

7.22 Spiritual alienation and energetic confusion

7.23 Mental exhaustion and the path of illusion

Part VIII – Advanced Techniques and Specialization

In the eighth part you will learn more advanced techniques and in-depth knowledge. What opportunities are there to learn outside of this free course? What’s next?

8.1 Holistic Liberation from Energetic Burdens

Part IX – Graduation and Certification

In the ninth part you will learn about further techniques and in-depth knowledge of the healing method.

9.1 Summary of „Healing with Structures“

9.2 Information on Certification and …

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